Thursday, June 23, 2011

Opusland by Stephen Beever

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc.

Publishing Date: July 28, 2009

Format: eBook

Pages: 82

ISBN: 978-1434901828

List Price: $5.00

Imagine planet Earth and its inhabitants after a global catastrophe. Humans evolve and mutate into new species. Land, cattle and other food sources slowly wither. Although survival is the primary goal for many, some still desire money and dominance in this horrid setting. Talented author Stephen Beever explores what happens as a clan flees their homeland as it is being pillaged. He provides vivid descriptions of the harsh landscape and animal-like characters. Readers see exactly what the characters see and feel the tension of the landscape as the characters journey onward. Although the descriptions thrive through the entire book, the plot lags somewhat in the beginning. It is difficult to connect all the characters and follow the plot. As the book moves forward, the focus of the plot becomes clearer. Once things get moving, it is difficult to put the book down. Readers who enjoy fantasy and science fiction will enjoy this short futuristic work.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stolen Soul: In The Beginning by S.R. McDaniel

Publisher: PublishAmerica

Publication Date: April 19, 2010

Binding: eBook

Pages: 130

ISBN: 978-1448955312

List Price: $24.95

This modern retelling of Saul turned Paul chronicles the 30 year killing spree of Preacher as he attempts to murder the last remaining Tinsley heir. S.R. McDaniel craftily interweaves elements of fantasy into the book to create a thrilling tale that keeps the reader on the edge of his seat.

Although the plot is good, it is sometimes hard to follow. At times, I had trouble discerning the flashbacks from the current plot. The beginning chapters are focused on different characters. It was somewhat difficult at first to connect the different stories together. This made the book seem jumpy. However, everything smoothed out as I continued to read.

McDaniel has a knack for descriptive writing. He provides beautiful descriptions of mundane parts of the plot. For example, he provides a wonderful description of coffee brewing. These scenes are especially great for literary analysis and close reading

The book really sparkled towards the end when more information is given on Preacher and his cult. While I struggled through the beginning if the book, I couldn't put it down at the end. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian thrillers with lots of descriptive writing and fantasy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just a Nice Guy by Phil Torcivia

Publisher: CreateSpace

Publication Date: May 4, 2011

Binding: eBook

Pages: 362

ISBN: 978-1456499051

List Price: $12.98

Phil Torcivia is truly hilarious. In his book, Just a Nice Guy, Torcivia explores relationships and the difficulty of finding love. He provides a collection of funny anecdotes, crazy lists and odd tidbits that come together to form a great book. He even gives some positive, uplifting advice, especially for people suffering from low self-esteem. Just a Nice Guy is one of those books you can’t summarize: you just have to give someone a copy and say “read this.” Torcivia’s book actually made me laugh out loud every few pages. Every few chapters, I wanted to hunt down Phil on and slap him for his mischievous comments. Other times, I had to just nod and agree with Phil. Unless you are put off by books with profanity, sexual jokes and crude humor, you absolutely have to read this book!