Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blaze of Glory by m. garzon

Publisher: Publishing
Publication Date: June 2011
Format: eBook
Pages: 340
ISBN: 1602648107
List Price: $5.99
Horse enthusiasts and general readers alike will enjoy m. garzon’s first novel, Blaze of Glory. With two jumpers and impressive skills, Tea Everson is on her way to the top of professional equestrian sporting. Unfortunately, everything changes in the blink of an eye and Tea’s life is turned upside down. Tea’s tragedy becomes more painful as she struggles to suppress her newly found passion.
Blaze of Glory highlights m. garzon’s strong descriptive abilities. Tea’s show jumping scenes are incredibly well-written and allow readers to experience the thrill. m. garzon describes the feel of the horses muscles, the rein’s in Tea’s hands, and the physical effort required to guide a horse over show jumping obstacles.
The overall plot of the novel is enticing for teenagers and adults. It moves at a good pace that keeps readers on edge, but leaves time for description and background information. The characters are dynamic. Tea, her stepfather, twin brother and friends all undergo transformations as the novel progresses.
Although Blaze of Glory is aimed toward young adults, readers of most ages will enjoy it. However, the novel does address sexual issues. Overall, highly recommended to readers interested in novels dealing with animals, romance and growing up!