Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Stay Christian in College by J. Budziszewski

Attending college is both a prideful and stressful point in a young adult’s life. J. Budziszewski’s How to Stay Christian in College teaches college bound students, current college students, and parents what to expect at college and how to succeed spiritually socially, and academically. The book focuses on worldviews, campus myths, and how to cope. Budziszewski opens with a concise overview of Christianity. He focuses on what a healthy relationship with God looks like. He goes on to explain how to deal with questions from non-Christian peers, classes that conflict with beliefs, social activities, dating, politics, and church attendance.

Having recently graduated from college, I can say that much of the information provided in this book is accurate. However, I personally did not experience religious opposition to the extent that Budziszewski outlines. I never had a professor that mocked my religion or failed to give me space to state my beliefs. Nevertheless, I imagine that Budziszewski’s findings are more precise at other campuses.

Budziszewski perfectly illustrates what students will experience as they travel to a new location that is alienated from their friends and family. He shows students how to form beneficial friendships and engage in appropriate dating. Many other compelling points are made throughout the book. The most powerful for me concerns the almightiness of God. Budziszewski passionately depicts how humans belong to God. Using a real estate metaphor, he explains, we only have temporary possession of our bodies and not title. Thus, every part of our life must be dedicated to God.

I would highly recommend How to Stay Christian in College to people of all ages. While the book is targeted towards a certain group, its messages concerning worship, friendship, and marriage can benefit anyone. Budziszewski’s book is an entertaining and fast read that can be easily completed among the busyness of college preparation. Using Budziszewski’s advice will allow students to have a much safer, enjoyable, and productive time at college.

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