Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Preservation of Health: Managing Carbohydrate Intake for Life by Mark A. Falco, D.M.D

Many popular foods are filled with simple carbohydrates that elevate blood glucose levels without providing nutrients. In his book, The Preservation of Health: Managing Carbohydrate Intake for Life, Mark A. Falco explains how high-carbohydrate diets are responsible for many illnesses including depression, diabetes, stress, fatigue and osteoporosis. Falco provides a useful and complete guide for reducing carbohydrate intake.

Falco’s book is a great text that covers nearly all aspects of health. He connects carbohydrate intake to number of illnesses not usually connected to sugar. At times, Falco packs so much information into chapters that is difficult to get through the book. For example, he provides a number of case studies to support his claims. Although interesting and useful, these did cause the book to drag on. However, the book as a whole was excellent. It provides a clear explanation of how to understand nutritional values in food. Falco includes several average American meals and explains how healthy each is. A comprehensive overview of vitamins and their use is also included. Overall, The Preservation of Health is a great tool for improving one’s health. I highly recommend this book to others.

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