Sunday, February 13, 2011

The TAD Diet: Tasteful, Amazing, and Digestive by Eleanor B. Tuttle

Eleanor B. Tuttle's The TAD Diet provides an eating plan for people suffering from digestive problems. The short book is based on Tuttle's own struggle with digestive issues, and desire to lose weight. The majority of the book consists of plans for three meals and one snack. The same meals are meant to be consumed six days a week, and the seventh day is a "free meal" day. Although the meals are creative and healthy, they are very small. For example, lunch consists of Jell-O, a spoon of lite whipped cream and a glass of water. This diet will definitely lead to weight loss. However, no information is given that proves the diet provides sufficient nutrients and calories. While I cannot imagine following the diet six days a week, it is a good plan for one or two days of light eating.

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