Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Dumpster: One Woman’s Search for Love by Becky Due

Publisher: Due Publications

Publication Date: 2010

Binding: eBook

Pages: 202

ISBN: 978-0984621408

List Price: $12.95

Everything seems to be going wrong for Nicole in Becky Due’s humorous novel, The Dumpster. Nicole is a twenty-something year old banker who is slightly overweight and suffers from low-self esteem. Having been recently dumped by her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day via DVD, Nicole is on search for a new love. Unfortunately, her troubles are only made worse by a smelly dumpster placed outside her bedroom window. Little does she know, this disgusting dumpster is the solution to her problems.

The Dumpster is a humorous, quick read. The characters—with the exclusion of Nicole’s worse dates—are all lovable and realistic. Most women will be able to identify with Nicole in some way: failed dates, envious of best friend’s marriage, lack of self-esteem, weight problems, or other issue. Since Nicole’s character is rather promiscuous, the novel gets racy at times. The novel also relies on bathroom humor quite often. Still, Due’s novel is a great fun, light read. If you enjoy reading romantic comedies and are not bothered by mature content, you will want to check out The Dumpster.

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