Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Like a Thief in the Night: Stolen Soul Book II by S.R. McDanniel

Publisher: PublishAmerica

Publishing Date: May 19, 2011

Format: eBook

Pages: 178

ISBN: 9781456099657

List Price: $24.95

With mass murder-suicides happening across the planet, Dr. Matthew Reiber is recruited to find a solution because of his expertise in thought transference and telepathy. As the second installment in S.R. McDaniel’s series, this book makes several improvements over the first. He steps away from his overly descriptive writing and focuses more on the book’s plot. Although this makes for a faster read, fans of McDaniel’s incredibly descriptive passages may be slightly disappointed. The book is much easier to follow and get into than the first. I did not find myself lost, confused or having trouble keeping the characters straight. The overall plot surpasses Book 1. McDaniel’s combination of mass murder, telepathy and religious cults makes for a pleasurable read. The book is creative and easily holds the reader’s attention.

However, I did find several small problems with the book. During a couple crucial points in the plot, McDaniel stops to include background information. For example, when the protagonist is searching for a missing person at the Old Irish Church, the book cuts away to a detailed description of the text the religious cult follows. The information is interesting, but I wanted to quickly get passed it and return to the plot. The book also needs to be edited more carefully. Although slightly annoying, the typos do not make the book unreadable. Overall, I really enjoyed reading Like a Thief in Night and would recommend it to others because of its thrilling storyline.

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