Friday, July 1, 2011

Miles Away…Worlds Apart by Alan Sakowitz

Publisher: Legacy Series Press, LLC.

Publishing Date: 2010

Format: eBook

Pages: 240

ISBN: 978-0-615-38240-1

List Price: $27.95

There is risk with any investment. Unfortunately, too many investments are schemes run by dishonest people willing to steal the life savings of others. In his book, Miles Away…Worlds Apart, Alan Sakowitz reveals his role in taking down the largest Ponzi scheme in South Florida’s history. Through his book, he also manages to provide an introduction to the Jewish faith and an overview of his close-knit hometown.

Sakowitz provides background information for readers not familiar with legal and business concepts. This information is always clear and does not distract from the book. He does the same for important holidays and features of Judaism. Sakowitz juxtaposes the scheme run by Scott Rothstein with the kindness found in his own community. Whereas Rothstein willingly steals from anyone, Sakowitz’s community is focused on helping everyone in need.

Anyone interested in current events will enjoy this well-written book. The suspense of the book will even interest readers who prefer fiction. Highly recommended.

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